If you ordered ONLY downloadable PDF file pattern packets and there is a shipping charge on your order, we will VOID those shipping charges, and you will see it on your invoice. In this case, you will receive an email from Wetransfer to download PDF files of your ordered patterns after your order has been processed.

Shipping charges are reduced before processing the payment if it is possible to ship the order in an envelope via regular mail instead of a package. The difference is noticeable since the minimum fee for a package is $8.00-$11.00 depending on the destination, and the fee for an envelope varies depending on the weight to Canada between $1.80-$5.05, to United States between 2.95$-10.30$ and to other countries between 5.90$-20.60$. Of course, if you have selected a high-priority shipping option or Xpresspost, we will respect the shipping urgency level you have chosen.

This possible shipping discount especially applies to patterns and stencils of a maximum size of 8.5"x11" and when you order few multiples of those products. It can also apply to other light weight products such as small brushes.

An email notification will be sent to you including the modified invoice for your order.

It is always possible to choose the option TO PICKUP your order at the shop to avoid shipping charges. In this case, your order will be kept at the shop until you come to pick it up.

If you order only seminars or creative art classes, you can only select the PICK UP option because, considering the nature of the product, you have to attend the classes and therefore no shipping charge is possible.

Don't hesitate to email us details for your order by replying to the confirmation email for your order or by writting in the appropriate section when you proceeed with your order.